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Trampoline Buyers Guide

Metal Sprung TrampolineThere are two main types of trampoline, elastic and metal spring trampolines.

Elastic banded trampolines are great if you are looking for a fun trampoline at a low cost. Metal sprung trampolines are generally slightly more expensive and usually offer a higher bounce.

The Springs or elastic bands are the flexible attachments between the rebounding surface and the galvanized steel frame that provide resistance and added flexibility and strength to the rebounding surface. The spring tension determines the springiness and elasticity of the rebounding surface. The greater the spring tension, the stiffer the bounce off the rebounding surface will be.

How many people can use a trampoline at once?

Normally only one person at a time should use a trampoline. Larger round trampolines, such as the 12 and 14fts offer more control but should still only be used by a certain number of children at a particular time, to know exactly how many children or adults can use the trampoline at once please see the manufacturers user guide or trampoline instructions. You should always ensure adequate supervision and observe the weight limit guidelines when using any trampoline.

Check for the maximum user weight on your chosen trampoline. The springs, frame and bouncing surface can only withstand a certain amount of force indicated by the maximum user weight. A force applied above the maximum user weight can cause fatigue and failure of several Trampoline parts. Exceeding the maximum user weight can also cause 'bottoming out' while bouncing, meaning that you hit the ground before reaching the lowest point of your bounce. If you do intend to allow more than one child to bounce together, remember to total up their weight.

The safety of the user is of utmost importance, so it is important to abide by the age recommendation stated by the manufacturer. As a guide, children under 6 years of age may not have the motor skills required to safely and comfortably use a large trampoline.

Consider the type of activity the trampoline will be used for and the points above. Remember that trampolines last a long time, so you should consider your Childs age and how big they will be in 5 - 10 years time! Will adults use occasionally too? Will the main user need a professional level trampoline or will it be used just for fun?

Types of Trampolines

Aerobic TrampolineAlthough most types of trampolines provide the benefits of building strength, stamina and coordination, the function and bouncing surface vary. If you are interested in performing aerobic exercises, a circular mini aerobic trampoline will suit your needs, such as trampolines from Amazon.

It is amazing how out of breath you can get just after a few bounces on a trampoline if you are not used to them.

Most trampolines are manufactured to live outdoors and are usually constructed from galvanised steel which shouldn't rust. Everything else is made from polypropylene or PVC materials and these are UV, rot and water proof.

How much space do I need for a trampoline?

Note the trampolines frame diameter to ensure you have sufficient space in your backyard or outdoor area for the Trampoline. It is recommended that you place the trampoline at a safe distance from fences or trees that might cause additional injury if the user accidentally bounces uncontrollably off the trampoline. 

Trampoline Enclosures

Trampoline EnclosureIt is always a good idea to buy a trampoline enclosure, as this will give you peace of mind when seeing your children or adults using the trampoline.

If using an enclosure it can also be hard sometimes to enter and exit the trampoline, so we can also recommend you get or make some steps in order to make access easier.

Trampoline Covers

Trampoline CoverTrampoline Covers are available to help keep the trampoline clean and perfectly dry and ready to use, otherwise you may find leaves, bugs, dirt, bird dirt etc on the trampoline which you will have to clean before you can use it.

It may be more difficult to put a cover on a trampoline that has an enclosure.

What sort of trampoline should I buy and what make?

All TP trampolines are built to last and give a growing family years of fun. They're covered by a lifetime guarantee against rust causing failure and have a patented welded socket to reinforce the crucial joint between the top rail and the legs. The springs are galvanised and the pads made from 100% closed cell foam for excellent protection.

The TP Activity Toys Trampolines are smaller trampolines for smaller children, such as your first trampolines.

The 12ft Emperor2 and 14ft King Trampoline is part of TP's top of the range Sovereign series, marked out by even sturdier frames, ultra performance pads encased in substantial tailored covers and a 5-year warranty on pads and mats. The range also has higher maximum user weights.
Obviously the larger the trampoline the more the cost, but you should be able to get a good 10ft or 12ft trampoline for around £200.
Standard sizes of the larger trampolines are 10ft, 12ft and 14ft trampolines.

Look at our range of trampolines, trampoline covers, and trampoline enclosures.

Good internet trampoline retailers include John Lewis, ELC.