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Swimming Pool Buyers Guide

Paddling PoolThere are a wide range of different types of swimming pools for the garden.  You could choose a cheap small paddling pool for your children, which you could inflate manually yourself or use a foot pump, and then empty the pool out every night and refill it the next day in order to keep the water clean.

The other type is a larger swimming pool, which adults can fit into, which is a lot larger in size and these do vary in size greatly. 

Types of Swimming Pool

The swimming pool shapes also vary, the most common type is a circular swimming pool, but you can also get rectangular swimming pools.

There are different types of swimming pools, most are above ground pools, but there are wooden edged swimming pools which are fixed location pools.  There are also frame swimming pools which use metal uprights to keep the structure of the swimming pool.

Remember that if you go for a larger pool, you will need to use more water to fill it, and have the room in your garden available for fitting it in.  Also if you place your pool directly onto the grass then your grass will be worse off at the end of the summer, so it may be worth creating a base for the pool or some kind of decking for the swimming pool.

What makes of Swimming Pools are good?

One of the most reputable swimming pool manufacturers in Intex who produce a wide range of swimming pool sizes, other manufacturers include Chad Valley.

Intex Swimming PoolIntex produce a range of pools which are produced for easy use. Intex are the world s leading producer of inflatable products and their outstanding range of pools meet the toughest safety standards and satisfy the most demanding consumers.

Intex Easy Set Pools are revolutionary and can provide hours of family garden fun. All you need to do is just spread out the pool in a level area, inflate the top ring and fill with water. The pool walls will then rise with the water, so there is no digging or sand required.  Intex pools also come complete with an instructional DVD and filter pump. The Intex 15ft pool also comes with ground cloth pool cover, ladder, maintenance kit and surface skimmer.

View our range of Intex Swimming Pools.

Swimming Pool Covers

Swimming Pool CoverIt is advisable to purchase a swimming pool cover if you are purchasing a larger swimming pool.

Buying a Swimming Pool Cover will keep the heat in, and also stop birds, bugs, grass etc getting into the pool, so you can use it straight away.

Where can I buy a Swimming Pool?

Swimming Pools are available from John Lewis, ELC.