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The House of Marley No Bounds Speaker - Grey

The House of Marley No Bounds Speaker - Grey UK

Price £43.99

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The House of Marley No Bounds Speaker - Grey

The House of Marley No Bounds Speaker - Grey - Free to be. The No Bounds is our most rugged outdoor speaker, crafted with sustainable cork to be as natural as its intended environment. The 4-color speaker series is water- and dust-proof, and each No Bounds boasts a 10-hour battery life with wireless dual-speaker pairing capability. Quick charge it with the provided cable for speakerphone functionality and use with the Marley App. All No Bounds speakers are crafted from the Marley Rewind™ fabric, Regrind Silicone, Regrind Cork, and Recyclable Aluminum — more natural physicality for your physical lifestyle. Features: 10-Hour Battery Life: The No Bounds is powered by an internal 10-hour lithium ion battery, so you can bring your music on the go. Water and Dust-Proof – IP67 Rated: The IP67 rating means the No Bounds is waterproof and dust-proof. Speakerphone and Aux-In: A built-in microphone allows for use as a speakerphone, and an aux input allows for use with hundreds of devices. Buoyant: Crafted from Marley’s exclusive Rewind™ Fabric, Regrind Silicone, Regrind Cork and Recyclable Aluminum, the No Bounds is designed to float. Wireless Dual Speaker Pairing: The No Bounds can wirelessly team up with another speaker to boost your listening experience. Any speaker in the No Bounds Family is compatible. Carabiner: The included metal carabiner makes it even easier to bring your music with you whenever go, and to set up a sound system wherever you arrive.

Made by: The House of MarleyCategory: Audio

Item Code: IWA12083293