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Moov'ngo Skateboard

Moov'ngo Skateboard


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Moov'ngo Skateboard

Moov'ngo Skateboard - Please note: This is an assortment pack. 1 will be supplied and picked at random. Colours and decorations may vary. Got yourself a skater dude or dudette? Grab a board.... Some children need more encouragement than others to get active, whilst the others in question need no encouragement at all - but do need plenty to keep them occupied! Whatever type of personality you have at home, or indeed if you have a mix of the two, this colourful collection of outdoor games and sports accessories and activities from Moov'ngo will provide all the impetus required to get kids off the console and away from the screen. This Moov'ngo Skateboard is a brilliant fitness and play tool for children of 8 years and over. As well as helping them to get active and keep fit it will also develop co-ordination and individual skills. The angled board and grip upper will quickly increase a beginners confidence too - the perfect first skateboard.

Made by: Moov'ngoCategory: Outdoor Toys

Item Code: HAM850388