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Love To Dream Swaddle Up Original-Pink (Small)

Love To Dream Swaddle Up Original-Pink (Small)

Kiddies Kingdom

Price £24.99

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Love To Dream Swaddle Up Original-Pink (Small)

Love To Dream Swaddle Up Original-Pink (Small) - Modern twist on traditional swaddling with the ingenious Love To Swaddle UP Original all?in?one sleep suit. The Swaddle UP can be used from birth and has proven to help your baby sleep better and for longer. The clingy fabric provides the cosy, swaddled feeling that babies love, while the shape maintains baby's natural and preferred "arms up" sleeping position. The Swaddle UP has the unique "wings" design helping babies to self-sooth, they can safely suck their hands through the fabric of the Swaddle UP and won't accidentally scratch their face. The fabric is a single layer of breathable natural cotton which aids temperature regulation and control. The Swaddle UP has a really clever two?way zip meaning you can change baby easily and even has an in?built harness hole in the back of the Swaddle UP so you can safely transport baby in their car?seat without disturbing their sleeping routine. Traditional swaddling can be tricky to master, and can be detrimental to baby's hip and pelvis development as they are fixed in one position for prolonged periods of time. The Swaddle UP has none of these threats but has all of the benefits of swaddling with that snug feeling that babies absolutely love and that helps them sleep safer for longer. Features: from 3 - 6kgs/ 6. 6 - 13. 2lbs ergonomic womb like design snug safe fit with twin zipper arm wings reduce the risk of SIDS trans-seasonal fabric, 93% cotton. 7% spandex

Made by: Love To DreamCategory: Baby Clothes

Item Code: KIDR34886