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LEGO Basketball Player

LEGO Basketball Player

Firestar Toys

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LEGO Basketball Player

LEGO Basketball Player - LEGO Basketball PlayerLEGO City is not too dissimilar to many of our own favourite cities, and that includes their love for different sports. The LEGO World has a plethora of different sports teams, but the Lego Basketball Player doesn’t really care for any of those. He’s just here to have a good time, get it in the hoop a few times and leave with bragging rights over his other, normal minifigure friends.The LEGO Basketball Player is a unique minifigure. Not only does he come with an awesome vest print and a cool, almost overconfident facial expression, but he comes with some special minifigure legs too. These are spring-loaded minifigure legs, allowing him to jump higher and get closer to the hoop than any of his regular minifigure team mates. These are unique – only release during 2002 and 2004!Grab your Basketball Player and get ready to go for gold with this great sporting minifigure from LEGO! This figure has springs in the legs.

Made by: LegoCategory: Lego Other

Item Code: FIT2566