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Foam Earth Ball

Foam Earth Ball

Hawkins Bazaar

Price £2.00

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Foam Earth Ball

Foam Earth Ball - The whole world in your hand! This palm-sized globe is made of bouncy, squeezable foam. Neighbouring countries are marked in different colours, larger territories are clearly labelled and even the international dateline features. Great to take on a foreign holiday to demonstrate to the rest of the family exactly where in the world you are - and then play catch. Our catalogue design manager Matt liked it so much, he took it around the globe: "Ideal for my recent swift trip round the world. Not only did it work as a perfect pocket guide to show exactly where in the world we were at any given time, but it also worked as a stress ball whilst on the plane, and as something to bounce/throw/catch whist waiting around in the airports. It also entertained my 8 month old nephew in Perth and the family cat. So a steal at £1.50"

Made by: Hawkin's BazaarCategory: Toys

Item Code: HAW16009