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300ft Bungee Jump Experience Day

300ft Bungee Jump Experience Day


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300ft Bungee Jump Experience Day

300ft Bungee Jump Experience Day - A crane will winch you to a height of* 300ft - the highest available jump in the UK before you are dispatched and experience over *four seconds of freefall. A fantastic experience and one you will not forget. With your feet still firmly on the ground, you will be weighed and be brought up to speed on safety procedures.  You will be fitted with your harnesses before being winched up in the cage with a jump master.  Once he's convinced everything is okay, it will be "3-2-1 BUNGEE" and off you go! When can you go? This experience is available on limited, selected dates, May - September. Duration Your activity with last approximately 1 hours & your jump & kitting will be around 10 minutes. Key information You must be at least 14 years old (under 18 years need parental consent on the day).This activity is not suitable if you have high blood pressure or heart conditions; have previously damaged your neck, back, spine, legs or eyes; have epilepsy/dizziness or are pregnant. If you are over 50 please provide a doctor's certificate.No previous experience or qualifications are necessary. How many in a group? You'll be jumping by yourself, but there will be others there on the day. Spectators Your friends and family may, if they wish, ride in the bungee cage with you for a charge which is payable on the day - please ask when you arrive at the centre. Is the activity weather dependent? This activity is dependent on appropriate weather conditions. Locations Datchet, Berkshire;  London.

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