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16 in 1 Bike Tool

16 in 1 Bike Tool


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16 in 1 Bike Tool

16 in 1 Bike Tool - Don’t let your wheels get away from you with this 16 in 1 bike tool. This tool could stop you from carrying your bike home if it was to get mildly damaged. This 16 in 1 bike tool includes 1 spoke wrench, 3 solid wrenches, 1 socket extension rod, 1 Phillip’s screwdriver, 1 slotted screwdriver, 3 socket hex wrenches and 6 hex wrench keys. All of these tools have been compacted into an easy to transport tool. With 16 tools in 1, you will be able to fix your own bike, as it has all the tools you might need when fixing your bike. Order your very own portable 16 in 1 bike tool today.

Made by: Ningbo EzyhomeCategory: Toys

Item Code: MEN75488