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Clever Putty

Clever Putty

Hawkins Bazaar

Price £6.00

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Clever Putty

Clever Putty - All of our slime products are safe, non-toxic, and in line with all EU toy safety regulations. See below for more details. Perfect for those moments at work (commonly between the first and second coffee breaks, or Fridays) when inspiration eludes you. This smart black tin contains a portion of silvery putty that can be stretched, twisted and moulded between your fingers to relieve tension and focus the mind. Alternatively, it will happily behave like a ball and bounce restlessly on your desk top, or for darker moods it will tear to vent frustration, only to melt back into one piece under gravity. The thinking person's putty! Safety Information: Our slime and putty products are rigorously tested against relevant European standards to ensure conformity to the Toy Safety Directive. Boron levels in our slime and putty products comply with EU safety limits, UK and EU legislation, and are safe for children to use.

Made by: Hawkin's BazaarCategory: Gift Finder

Item Code: HAW15970