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Playhouse Buyers Guide

Types of Playhouses

The type of playhouse you purchase is totally up to you, and there are many different types of styles and designs. There are also a lot of different themed playhouses based on cartoon characters such as scooby doo, barbie, doctor who or Ben 10 etc.

Plastic Playhouses

Plastic PlayhousePlastic playhouses are great for younger children as there are no sharp edges. Wooden playhouses are better suited to older children. Also wooden playhouses tend to be larger than plastic ones and can be left outside if they have been treated for outdoor. Material playhouses are great in summer and can also be used easily indoor and usually folded away easily.

You can make your playhouse a fun and interactive space for your child by creating a mini-home set, with a little table, seating and decorate with a few paintings and a lamp shade.

Wooden Playhouses

Wooden PlayhouseWooden playhouses will require solid bases. We can recommend concrete on hardcore or flat slabs on sand for your playhouse base. Whatever base or types of playhouse you decide on, remember you want the inside of the playhouse to stay dry, so elevate from the floor slightly to allow rain waters to drain away.

Wooden Playhouses will require treating with a quality wood preservative after erecting and at least annually after.

Positioning your Playhouse

Playhouses are brilliant for children out in the garden and we can recommend that you position the playhouse where it is visible from the main house or kitchen window, thus enabling the child to be supervised even if you are working indoors.

Most children like to play in the middle of the garden or close to the house, so avoid positioning the playhouse in a dark corner, away from the rest of the garden. You should allow space to get behind the playhouse for maintenance or wood treatments.

Where can I buy a Playhouse from on the internet?

Have a look at our range of playhouses from retailers such as John Lewis, ELC.