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Climbing Frame Buyers Guide

Climbing FrameThere are two main materials used in manufacturing swings and climbing frames, these are wooden and metal. The material itself will make little difference to the child’s play experience but aesthetically it will make a big difference to the garden.

Choose wooden for a classic look, or metal for a low maintenance, modern alternative.

It is also advisable to choose a climbing frame that will grow with your children or last for a good few years, so the main consideration here should be the child's' needs. Take care in choosing a play centre that will challenge and excite the child. Also consider the age and size of the child to avoid the child outgrowing the play centre - remember the play centre will last for many years and you should consider your child's improving abilities and confidence.

Neighbours Privacy

Also consider your neighbours privacy. Some climbing frames can be quite high, and your neighbours might not appreciate your children peeking over the fence. If your neighbours are friendlier, you shouldn't need to worry about this. Also some climbing frames may have moving parts and may make their own noise, so it is useful to keep some WD40 handy so you can lube or grease the moving parts when required, plus there will be noise from your children playing.

Installing a Climbing Frame

When it comes to installing your climbing frame a well prepared level base will help ensure a long lasting installation. A variety of materials can create a solid base such as concrete, wooden bearers, or paving slabs. You may want to consider a soft covering such as woodchip.

Remember if you have just grass under, it may turn muddy or well-trodden and will make moving the lawn a bit of an obstacle course. In wet areas, or if your grounds suffer from water logging, you may wish to consider draining systems to reduce any collection of excessive moisture under the play equipment.

Climbing Frame Maintenance

If you decide to go with a timber made climbing frame remember that timber is a natural product and will contract and expand with various weather conditions. If left untreated timber will change colour, so follow the individual instructions supplied. We recommend that you re-treat your product annually to maintain and prolong the beauty and life of your project.

If your climbing frame is made of metal it does not require such maintenance. You should occasionally check the play centre to make sure it is safe and tighten nuts and bolts and grounding pegs if necessary.

What is a good make of Climbing Frame?

TP Climbing FrameA good make to look at for climbing frames is T.P. climbing frames which are modular. So you can choose one of 3 basic frames and then select from over 30 specially designed accessories to build the play system that is right for the age and ability of your children, your garden, and your budget. The good thing is you don't need to buy everything at once, many customers just add new accessories giving the original frame a new playing dimension.

The 3 climbing frames are - the tp explorer, the challenger, and the king sized action play climber.

The Explorer and the Challenger have been designed to grow with your childs ability and confidence. They can both be erected initially at a toddler height and then, when your child is ready to move on, the frame can be raised to full height and more accessories added if you want.

The Action Play Climber is the strongest and easiest to put together as the frame itself is welded, there are no nuts or bolts on the main frame. It offers a challenging climb for older children; the horizontal walkway can also accommodate selected swing accessories.

Among the range of "add - ons" for all the climbing frames are:

TP Monkey BridgeTP Scramble Net
  • platforms
  • tents
  • slides
  • scramble nets
  • monkey bridges,
  • basket ball hoops
  • fireman's poles
  • swings & twizzlers
  • seats
  • ladders & nets

Where can I buy a Climbing Frame from on the internet?

Have a look at our range of climbing frames, swings, slides etc

The following internet retailers have a wide range of outdoor climbing frames John Lewis, ELC